VLOG #40 – Taking over all our servers everywhere

What are we going to do today? The same thing we do every day. Trying to take over all our servers. Just that today, we’ll succeed I promise. How? With Azure Arc.

In this episode, I show you some basic server management features available in public preview with Azure Arc. You’ll also learn how easy it is to onboard machines; in the example shown a VM from AWS.

Azure Arc extends services and management from Azure to any infrastructure. Simplify complex and distributed environments across domains and locations such as on-premises, multi-cloud and edge. Best of all, it doesn’t force out the existing tools but lives in coexistence while giving central IT the controls and innovation they need to empower their businesses.

Written by Dave Kurth
Thriving within my current role as Product Marketing Manager, I am the leader and voice of the Microsoft Azure within the Swiss subsidiary. Views are my own.