VLOG #38 – Scale 2 Cloud and keep your data on-premises

Some customers want to keep their data on-premises for a variety of reasons. When buying hardware, most companies invest to cover the maximum capacity requirement. But besides a few bursts during the year, their infrastructure is running below >20% of the paid capacity. This is inefficient and too costly.

Northwind Cloud Flowers is one of the largest flower online stores in the Americas. The board has set the requirement that all customer data needs to be stored in their private cloud. Therefore, the CIO of Northwind Cloud Flowers has decided to invest in Azure Stack. The floral business is seasonal and has the highest demands around the holidays, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. It’s hard to exactly predict what the demand will be and to plan accordingly. In the past, they received many complaints about the long wait times or that customers are unable to order the flowers because the website crashed. Northwind Cloud Flowers is also planning to implement a new feature that allows their customers to add important dates, such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc. and then be alerted prior to be able to surprise them with a nice flower arrangement.

Thanks to the Hybrid solution of Azure and Azure Stack the IT Team of Northwind Cloud Flowers was able to build a modern solution while upholding the requirements of the board. The Data is stored on a SQL DB on Azure Stack, and the modern application runs on Azure Kubernetis Services on the Azure Stack. With Azure Kubernetes Services, Northwind Cloud Flowers can scale out the application when necessary while keeping the customer data on-premise in the SQL DB on Azure Stack.

Written by Dave Kurth
Thriving within my current role as Product Marketing Manager, I am the leader and voice of the Microsoft Azure within the Swiss subsidiary. Views are my own.