Do you have cloud security concerns?

One thing that continues to surprise me is the misinformation around the topic of data privacy and the legal requirements. Especially around hot topics such as the Cloud Act. I’m not an attorney, but I give quite a few presentations and I make it habit to ask who has read the swiss data privacy act or who knows what ISO 27001 governs. I would say the hands raised to these questions is definitely below 10% but everyone seems to have strong opinion about it.

As a Swiss citizen, I wish companies who have my data would be as transparent as some leading tech companies whom are showing me how they handle my data. For example, if I check at the end of the month where most of my money is flowing and then would say “let’s see what they do to protect my data”, do you think I would be successful? I tried in many cases and I couldn’t even find out which ISO standards regarding security or other data privacy relevant standards they uphold.

I believe we owe it to ourselves as professionals, as country, and as society in general to take part in what is happening around the topic and that we actually elect people as leaders who have some understanding on what BigData and digitalization actually means and the possible pitfalls it brings.

If you’re in IT and have not yet read this blog post on the Cloud Act from Brad Smith, who is fighting for better data privacy laws world wide and for a Digital Geneva Convention, then you should do it now:

If this article caught your attention, then check out this video about what the DCU is and what this amazing team is doing here:

And if you want to deep dive into everything on what exactly it is Microsoft is doing to protect your data and how we handle government request then check out these resources:

Originally posted on LinkedIn on June 28, 2018.

Written by Dave Kurth
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