This is my very first VLOG and I’m planning to produce many more in the months to come. This project started as an internal readiness project but I decided to leverage it as well as my first VLOG. In my current role as the Product Marketing Manager for Azure in Switzerland I have the chance to talk publicly about the Cloud and the impact it has on our everyday life. I highly recommend you take some time and watch the ~12min Documentary from the WEF about the 4th Industrial Revolution:

Inspired by a speech from Brad Smith General Council for Microsoft, I localized the Industrial revolution part of his presentation, with pictures and information relevant to my market in Switzerland. After receiving so much goof feedback and request to share my slides, I decided to record just this localized part. I hope you find this useful and helps you or your peers to better understand that technology and specifically the cloud can empower your business to achieve more.

If you have any question around the role the Cloud plays in the 4th Industrial Revolution feel free to reach out to me.

And if you have any tips or suggestion with regards how to increase the quality of my VLOG, I will highly appreciate it. Just note that the equipment used for this episode is not my final equipment as I’m waiting for some tech to arrive.

Black&White – Electric Powerplant in Zurich Letten:
Cloud Outages Report:
Electricity Blackout Report – DACH Region:
Picture of PC: Microsoft
WEF documentary 4th Industrial Revolution:

Written by Dave Kurth
Thriving within my current role as Sr. Product Marketing Manager Azure, I'm focused on Azure Hybrid, Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack Edge