Book recommendation: “mindset – the new psychology of success” by Carol S. Dweck, PH.D.

Finally, after almost two years, I finally dedicated some time to read the book “mindset – the new psychology of success” by Carol S. Dweck, PH.D.

The challenge for me to dedicate some time was related to the fact that there were some other topics that I urgently needed to upgrade my knowledge on. However, after reading this jewel, I must say that this is a must read for everyone. Really, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the tech industry or a stay home parent. It doesn’t matter. There is something inside of this book for all of us. I took a little longer than the average reader time of 5h45min suggested by Kindle but it was worth every single minute I spent.

In the book, Carol S. Dweck describes a concept on how to praise kids or people for their efforts and not to label them. For example, if I do something great and you call me a genius, then subconsciously, I won’t try anything harder because I might lose my status in your eyes and no longer be a genius. The same goes with criticism. If you call me dumb than I will feel dumb when I can’t do something and will negatively think “what good am I”. But if you critique me on my missing effort or praise me on my hard work then I will know that whenever I give it my all I will get praise and I will not be afraid to fail. And if I put a lot of effort in it and still fail? Well, then you can say let’s analyze what we could different the next time.

The book is full of practical examples. I love that it’s split into Sports, Business, Relationships, and Parents, Teachers, and coaches. There is literally something in it for everybody. If you are in a hurry, you can basically read the first 3 chapters and then jump to the part that interest you the most to get the practical examples and then close out with the last chapter of the book; Chapter 8 on how to change your mindset.

Your brain is a muscle and it needs to be exercised and so is your mind. The mindset can’t be changed overnight or just because you read the book. It comes from taking the decision every day to follow the principle. Why every day? Because not until you make something a habit, like brushing your teeth, it will not be a process you follow automatically. To make something a habit, can only be done through discipline and repetition just like brushing your teeth.

You might wonder, is it worth it? Absolutely! Read the book and tell me if you disagree when I say, “the world would be a better place if all of us had growth mindset.”

With that, I wish you lots of fun reading the book and I look forward to hearing from you on how the book positively impacted your life!

Written by Dave Kurth
Thriving within my current role as Product Marketing Manager, I am the leader and voice of the Microsoft Azure within the Swiss subsidiary. Views are my own.