A must read – The Future computed

Melisha Ghimere, a 20-year-old computer science student leverages AI in Nepal to help farmers monitor the health and well being of their livestock and to prevent outbreaks of diseases. Her inspiration came from her own experience when her family pretty much lost all their livestock to anthrax.

Think about the fact that AI has already landed in Nepal. Isn’t that amazing? I mean farmers in Nepal, right now, are receiving proactive information about the wellbeing of their livestock which allows them to act before it’s too late and secures their economic future. Let’s think for a second, what then can the AI impact be in the developed world? Nobody knows exactly how the developed world will be impacted even though there are many pieces of research available out there. Microsoft firmly believes that AI should augment and amplify human capabilities.

What is important now is that we get the conversation started to ensure that all people get access to AI. This book addresses what needs to be done from a policy and laws perspective, what the future of AI can bring, and what we need to do to prepare everyone for the future of work.

Since we all together inhabit this planet, I do believe that the principles outlined in this eBook should be read by everyone. We need to be informed and to make sure that we understand how AI could impact our personal and professional lives. We need to show our government that it is necessary to create new policies and laws and most of all we must distinguish what we need to learn to be a part of this industrial revolution and to have the capabilities to educate and coach our kids since they’re growing up in this new reality.

You can download the eBook for free here.

Written by Dave Kurth
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