VLOG #48 – digital transformation for “dummies” and why you should care

Many people I meet who work in technology seem to get an allergic reaction when hearing the words “digital transformation”. It has been one of these buzzwords in recent years that seems to be heavily overused. But let me tell you, it is as relevant as it has been a few years ago. Don’t believe me?

Just recently one of my friends who now lives in Singapore was visiting us and we took a short trip to a brand-new Amazon Grocery store that builds on the technology of the successful Amazon Go stores. You basically scan a barcode in your mobile app at the entrance and from then on you just grab whatever you need and walk out, and it will be automatically charged to your account. It was so much fun and easier than any traditional store where you walk around and gather your food choices in your basket. Then either a cashier scans them, or you take everything back out again and scan it yourself. Adding the current situation with COVID-19 it seems even more practical as there is almost no area that everyone touches like a payment terminal or manual scanning station.

We also talked about this framework that he has learned from someone working with different Microsoft Dynamics partner and he then taught people in the Swiss Microsoft Office including myself. We have successfully delivered this in a workshop with a board of directors which ran overtime as the executives were so engaged. It’s a simple yet super powerful framework that looks at digital transformation through the lenses of the customer lifecycle. I do believe this framework can be used regardless if you’re a Microsoft seller, Microsoft partner or anyone else. If you work in IT, decision maker or not, understanding this framework and bringing it to your business might just be what the company needs to break through and for you to be seen as a business enabler versus a cost center which is often a reality. Try it out and let me know how it went, or if you need any tips feel free to reach out.

Written by Dave Kurth
Thriving within my current role as Sr. Product Marketing Manager Azure, I'm focused on Azure Hybrid, Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack Edge